Have You Ever heard the Sky Talk?

Bali Yoga Retreat with Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl

I did, today while lying wide eyed in relaxation after my practice.

Here in Bali its Nyepi, the Balinese New Year and after a raucous night of drumming and banging away the evil spirits, the day has bloomed into a garden of tranquility. There isn’t one car or motorbike on the streets, nor a plane in the sky. The absence of our human cacophony has given the birds, bees and cicadas licence to sing their loudest. Being forced to stay at home and listen to nature is hardly an effort when every single sound enunciates itself so beautifully against the clear canvas sky.

IMG_8035Even more beautiful is a deepening understanding that nature is ever present. and that precious days like these are nothing short of an opportunity to be reminded of ourselves as inseparably part of the whole.

Yesterday I was in a mood, the traffic of my thoughts drowning out the lush green of my surroundings. Whenever I get involved with a mood I try to shake it off. But a mood, borne of memories and unfulfilled desires tends to hang around. After stomping about and a few good hrrmmps it dawned on me; why do I think I need to get rid of my mood?

Bali Yoga Retreat with John Weddepohl and Rachel ZinmanUsing the beautiful teachings of Vedanta ( Self Knowledge) I asked myself; Whats more important? Getting rid of my mood or knowing the one who is having the mood? Without a mood maker what mood? In other words just being conscious and recognising the one in whose presence the mood is happening I can have the mood, but not BE the mood…what a relief! In any moment, lost in a thought, a mood, an idea or a belief, we forget ourselves as well as nature and the joy of simply existing. Here in Bali on the quietest day of the year I can’t believe how lucky I am. Not only is Creation here, but I am here too, listening with all my heart.

If you are longing to unwind and take time for you why not join us in Bali March 27-31, 2013  visit my site  for more details and in the mean time enjoy this video about our recent India Retreat!

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