Making the everyday sacred through the beauty of Yantra practice

Symbols, for as long as mankind has been around symbols have fascinated us, their architecture invoking inner archetypes. It’s no surprise that ancient India has authored the deepest symbology of all, a mapping of the human body through a sacred geometry called Yantra. The word Yantra comes from the root word Yam, meaning to sustain. … More Making the everyday sacred through the beauty of Yantra practice

Has Yoga been stretching the Truth?

I’m not one to talk I’ve never experienced shattering violence, rape or abuse so I could never stand in the shoes of a victim. But I am deeply horrified and affected by what the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has revealed about the true nature of one of our most respected and revered Yoga institutions. Terms like cult leader, sexual deviant, pedophile, rapist and more are words I would have never expected to hear about a Guru whose practices have spawned a generation of devout and learned yogis. Like many; photos of Satyananda adorned my altar, Bihar school books lined my shelves and my own practices of mantra and yantra and my beliefs about the nature of the yogic experience were influenced by what I had read and practiced. Now it seems everything is up for grabs and long time devotees are shunning their names and questioning the very nature of their own experiences as yoga practitioners. Satyananda yoga is on trial and the verdict doesn’t look good. … More Has Yoga been stretching the Truth?