My life is Yoga

The first time I stepped on a yoga mat I had no idea where it would take me. I just thought it’s time to do this. At first, yoga happened in fits and starts. My chiropractor had been urging me to take yoga more seriously, but at that time as a dancer with daily classes, … More My life is Yoga

The Perfect Healing Soup for the Change of Seasons

Here in Germany I am experiencing the fluctuations of Spring not quite becoming Summer. The change of seasons is the time that Vata Dosha is most predominant. We often feel scattered, stressed and don’t sleep or digest well.  That’s why this weeks guest blog by Lauren Rose Burke is perfect. I hope you enjoy her  healing soup recipe.  … More The Perfect Healing Soup for the Change of Seasons

Am I a Yoga Teacher?

Namaste! It’s so wonderful to share Yoga and to be able to inspire others to teach and share too. Thats why over the next few months i’ll be featuring Yoga teachers who have inspired me! Our first featured writer is Romina Di Federico. Romina is a Yoga and meditation teacher who lives and works in Sydney. Romina … More Am I a Yoga Teacher?