8 things to say YES to!

When I was young I went to an Astrologer for the first time. I’ll never forget how fascinating it was to be described so accurately. He emphasised that having work and focus in my life would never be an issue. Rather what I should watch out for was my tendency to say “Yes” to just about everything. Years later and too many Yes’s later I have to admit I should have listened to his advice.Image Recently the message was brought home when my doctor, evaluating the influence of stress on my immune system asked, “when are you going to slow down?” The question was met with a sheepish grin and a shrug of the shoulders. Who has time to slow down when teaching worldwide and running a Yoga Business?

It’s easy as a yoga teacher to be busy and it’s even easier as a yoga teacher running your own business to be beyond busy.  I am sure when I introduce myself people imagine I spend my days glued to my mat, eating brown rice and happily arranging flowers into mandalas. But the truth is way less glamorous

Most days I check emails, facebook messages, upload retreat and workshop info before a quick morning practice. Breakfast is a simple superfood smoothie followed by a forest power stroll. More often than not ideas and thoughts about my next marketing steps pop into my head and before I know it I am huddled up to my iphone dictating away. I must look pretty odd to passersby, who are clearly focused on the beautiful surroundings.

My biggest challenge is to say “No” to the endless to do list, the myriad opportunities to share and even to my enthusiastic creativity.

And what does NO look like? Ironically it looks like a YES

 Rachel Zinman Yoga Retreats

Yes to a luxurious pranayama practice at dawn

Yes to walks in Nature without my cellphone

Yes to Internet free days

Yes to a daily simple practice

Yes to home cooked meals

Yes to time with friends and family where Yoga is not the main topic of conversation

Yes to a good TV show which makes me laugh and cry

Yes to just about anything that makes me feel good, relaxed and happy

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One thought on “8 things to say YES to!

  1. Ohhh I can so relate to that article at the moment and I am going to passionately commit to you the YES suggestions…….and one day i’m coming to Greece too……thank you Rachel and John for your continued inspiration and support. Much love Karen x

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