The value of what you offer

In the 90’s I attended a 9-month intuitive counseling training. I was in my late 20’s and very new to anything to do with therapy or self-reflection. I took to the whole thing like a duck to water utilizing my sensitive and intuitive nature to nurture and support others. These days everybody is some sort of mind reader, especially solopreneurs. We’re being told by the truckload how to nurture our superpowers and there’s always someone new pitching the next big fix. So amidst all the hustle how can a new yoga teacher make a difference? How can you feel assured that what you bring is of value?

It begins with self-worth. Honoring the work you have put into your practice, training and now teaching. Recognizing that what you have to offer is great.


Is that enough? It’s hard to know now that practically everyone is training to or wants to be a yoga teacher. I’m exaggerating, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming when all you see scrolling down your feed is people offering exactly the same thing as you.

So let’s unpack this, what does greatness, look and feel like?

Think of anyone you admire it could be someone close to you or some hero from afar. A celebrity, yoga teacher really anyone that inspires you to think differently or grow in some way. Imagine that person is sitting across from you and this is your chance to tell them everything that has touched, pushed, challenged and motivated you.

Then, before you utter your first word close your eyes and imagine bowing down in front of them. Feel wordless gratitude and admiration pouring through you until your heart is full.

Feel the absolute value of this person. All their gifts and talents. Everything they have and have yet to express. Then choose to be of service to them. Feel this as a prayer in your heart.

Open your eyes and start speaking your truth. No holds barred. Put it all out there. Keep reaching and stretching for more words and descriptions. And once you’ve said it all take some time to write down what you shared.

Now here’s the turnaround. Whatever you shared with your imagined superstar those words are meant for you! Reflect on the words you used and read them back to yourself. Can you receive this honoring? This value that you bring. This true greatness?

Seeing the greatness in yourself and then gifting that back in every interaction i.e. seeing the greatness in others, goes a long way in raising the bar in your yoga teaching. People can feel authenticity and genuine care. They can sense you’re not just doing something automatically or trying to tick the boxes. People want to learn from people who value themselves. Self-esteem coupled with humility is a huge drawcard.

As someone who’s been working with people since I was 18, I can vouch for the value in this simple exercise. Before I teach I always imagine myself standing in a circle of pure light. I then choose to be of service to the class. Trusting that what comes through is bigger than me. The smiling and warm hugs at the end of a session are all the confirmation I ever need to know that valuing what I have to offer is enough.

Would you like to know more about how to get inspired for your teaching? Then join me for my FREE LIVE webinar this Sunday, February 17 at 10 am AEST. I’ll be unpacking lots of juicy info on how to teach your best class! Make sure to comment below with anything your struggling with as a new Yoga teacher. I’m here to help!

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