3 ways to have a Merry Yogi Christmas

S|K|Y Happiness Yoga Retreat BaliIt’s Christmas, time for family and friends to celebrate with good cheer, while couples kiss under mistletoe and children squeal in delight at candy canes and Santa. Amidst the commercial hype, we all actually dread, lies a tradition and value system both inspiring and fulfilling. The holidays are the perfect time to dive deep into our understanding of the true meaning of Yoga and what it means to be a Yogi and it is in the spirit of Christmas that I have come up with the BEST way for us Yogis to have a Merry Christmas.

Rachel Zinman Yoga, S|K|Y Happiness Yoga Retreat Bali1. Get up early, hit your mat and practice your SMILE.  Smile at the family member who made it through the storm to your house for christmas even though you secretly wish they hadn’t.  Smile when the kids unwrap their plastic adventure toys and start playing cowboys and Indians. Smile when the Turkey and Ham and Sweetbreads are passed to you even though everybody knows you’re a vegan. Smile at the T.V. which your Dad insists on watching straight after Christmas Lunch. Smile when the neighbour who’s come over for a cognac or two asks,”and why don’t you drink?” and when all else fails,  Smile !

girls hugging

2.Remember you are LOVE itself.  Christmas is all about the birth of love, the blessings of love and feeling the love of friends and family. As a Yogi you are already familiar with love because you know that Yoga is LOVE.  Yogi’s love love, love their bodies, their minds, the environment, the earth, small animals and children, beauty and flowers, harmony and truth, singing and chanting and hugging. So Christmas is simply the perfect time to hang out your love decorations and have a hug-a-thon. Hug your cousins, your neighbours, the dog, the postman, the supermarket checkout girl. LOVE the pants of everyone and every time you get a hug don’t forget. That happy huggy feeling is YOU- the love itself.

3.  Breathe in Gratitude, breath out Attitude.  jumping for Joy
Pranayama is a most important and necessary practice for the Holidays. While everyone else is grumbling and humbugging about fiscal cliffs and maxed out credit cards you are floating on a sea of Prana, bubbling along on waves of bliss, suspended on infinite clouds and basking in peace. Standing in line at the Post Office at Christmas time who is better equipped than you to breathe in gratitude for having a body, for being able to stand in line, to even understand the meaning of being there at all and to trust that when that idiot jumps the cue you will know exactly what to do. EXHALE!

Why not TREAT yourself to a HOLIDAY and Join Rachel Zinman and John Weddepohl in Bali March 27-31, 2013

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