Whatever you offer me, I am there.

“After 50 years I’m bored with the physical aspect of yoga” A friend and fellow teacher shared this with me today.

How many of us are starting to feel like this? Like no matter how many new interesting poses or practices are presented we’ve had enough. This is what happens when yoga is a commodity, when we do it over and over, and still nothing seems to change. What used to give us joy, insight and a sense of possibility has become just ‘another type of exercise’.I wish I could relate to my friend’s experience.

But then I’ve been lucky. Yoga for me especially in the last 21 years is so much more than a Trikonasana. It’s a revolution in thinking, it’s understanding my role in creation. It’s a recognition of the infinite as being closer than the closest. There is no time, no place, no object that isn’t inseparably part of the whole. Recognising this has personally given me the ability to step onto my mat and enjoy each asana for its own sake. Rather than using the practice to achieve a goal or to escape suffering.

I wish I could explain how a simple teaching, could break open my mind like this. How learning the language of SELF, being willing to challenge my ideas about yoga and life in general were the necessary ingredients to make this shift. It’s easy to hear or read some words of wisdom and think “I know this” blah blah blah. It’s another thing to be ready, what in the tradition is called Adhikari, to accept the truth. Even luckier is to find the right teacher, with the brilliance to be able to convey the truth. If the calculation to get to the moon on a spacecraft is just a smidgen off. Will you ever get there?

We founded our Sundaram Online Ashram because having both been steeped in the teachings of Atma Vidya-Self Knowledge, and integrating these teachings in our relationship and everyday life, we absolutely feel it’s time for this knowledge to get out into the world.

Our teacher was able to bring it out of orthodoxy and taboo and put it into everyday English and through a methodology anyone can understand, take the person to the total understanding and revelation of themselves. Both John and I have been through this methodology. Once you are taken through it there’s no going back. That John is able to share in the tradition of his master with all of us is truly a unique gift. It’s his personal mission to make these teachings even easier to understand.

Sundaram means ‘The Beautiful’ The beauty in a flower, it’s petal, a forest, the sunrise, the dawn, all the beauty that culminates as the human being. Knowing yourself as that beauty, how can anything be boring? Everything is a reminder.

In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says “Whatever you offer me, whether it be a flower a leaf or even a little water, I am there”.

Atma Vidya- Self Knowledge teaches us to know who this ‘I’ is. John often shares in his classes that ‘I’ is the password and the pin code to the whole universe. Get to know this ‘I’ and you unravel the biggest question in life.

If you are ready to break open your mind, bust out of limitation, live your life with full power and freedom. join us for an immeasurably journey for the next 6 months at our Sundaram Online Ashram.

We are offering a founding member discount up until our cart closes this Sunday, March 21. Get in touch with me if you would like the discount code and to know the cost.

Hari Om


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