What happens when dreams come true?

How many times have you started the new year, fired up your to-do list, committed to a new health regime and then by easter all your enthusiasm is down the shoot?

I’m so like that, but this year I’m determined to change. That means cranking up the volume on my daily practice, taking long walks in our forest and nurturing myself with homemade locally grown meals. When I get the urge to do something practical or download some killer e-course I stop, take a deep breath and take in the view that surrounds our new home here in South Africa.


When John first introduced me to this land we had just met. I can remember stepping out of the car and having this deep sense of belonging. There was an old abandoned shed on the property and from where we stood an ancient, untouched forest of yellowwood trees and mountains stretched for miles to the sea. The smell in the air was a mix of ocean and sage brush and the birds that flitted about where costumed in teals, azures, and flaming reds.

“I want to live here,” was the first thought that came to mind and six years later I do.

So what happens when you finally get the thing you’ve always wanted?


Everybody needs a home and no matter how much I might like to think of myself as a nomad, I can truly attest to the fact that home is where the heart is. So now that I’ve cried my tears of joy and settled in… what’s next?

Sharing it happily with everyone who wants to come along.

The whole idea behind acquiring this pristine part of Africa is to create a sanctuary for people to find home through the timeless wisdom teachings of yoga and the upanishads. John and I have spent years studying and practicing with the intention to one-day share what’s supported us to stay healthy and passionate all these years.

If you build it, they will come…


I could go on and on about this place, the golden sunrises, the moody sunsets, the wind that blows through the fynbos. What it feels like to swim in our Olympic size dam, the way the mist rolls in from the sea, how the mountains disappear and reappear. The raging winds and the silent arc of stars and the thunderclouds that gather over the mountains. But what’s touched me the most is how nature, when left to its own devices, just keeps going.

John shares that nature doesn’t have a problem, only us humans have a problem. Rather than saving nature, we should save our selves.

And what does it mean to save ourselves?

The way I see it… getting to know ourselves, going safely beyond all notions we’ve always held of ourselves, while adventuring into beautiful nature,  eating healthy food and doing lots of yoga, breathing and meditation is the best a holiday gets.

If you feel like joining us on the adventure of a lifetime why not dive into our upcoming retreat this February 3-12, 2017.  Find out more here www.rachelzinmanyoga.com/yoga-retreat.


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