What the f…is going on?

Is it just me or has the world gone mad? Last I remembered summer was summer, the economy was reliable and we had a halfway decent guy in the Whitehouse. Sure the shit was always hitting the fan but no one was tweeting and FBooking expletives every single minute.



Scrolling through the various social media sites is agonizing right now and I know a lot of people feel sick, scared and confused.

May I make a small suggestion? Said quite loudly while tearing at my hair!

Stop scrolling through Facebook!

That’s right turn the dang thing off and walk outside. The birds are still flying, the bees are still humming and for now, the earth is still the earth (last time I checked.)


Now would be a good time to meditate, do some yoga and chillax. Because in the face of what seems to be an overwhelming onslaught of losing just about everything we hold dear with said ‘crazy’ person in power, (and for those of us who truly believe this it’s like standing on the edge of a cliff with a whole bunch of Vikings behind us) other than signing petitions, marching, phoning and barraging our representatives and raging at the machine there isn’t much more we can do.

You can argue with me about that one- no worries.

I find it amusing that in spite of the current political climate there are lots of peeps happily ignoring what’s going on.

Like the fempreneurs who send cheery newsletters or the self-publishing gurus with their tips and tricks or ALL THE PEOPLE who don’t watch the news, live in other countries and are dealing with their own brand of craziness!


Here in South Africa, I notice the locals laugh a lot at just about anything political. Having lived under an oppressive government for years on end they’ve definitely fought their way out of hell. I think that’s why they basically don’t give a rat’s ass what happens.

It’s about living life, taking your holidays once a year and getting on with things.

Phew, I love that attitude but struggle to adopt it. I freak out at the sight of a beetle for god’s sake


My sensitive and soulful nature means I take things to heart. Like when one of my facebook friends writes in big letters B E R E F T on her timeline and I feel like there’s something I should do about it.

And with everything seemingly so out of our control, it may feel like we are all victims of circumstance. But perhaps that’s only one way of looking at it. Recently when sharing deeply with a friend I realized that there is only so much someone can do to help another. We can help shoulder the burden but eventually, that person has to make their own choices and walk their own path.

One of my biggest lessons over the last few years has been, that whatever is happening in the creation is not personal. Like when a tree falls down and blocks my path it’s not the universe sending me a personal message saying, “TURN BACK NOW!” It’s my choice how I respond to obstacles. It’s how I manage my life with diabetes and how I meet each and every moment of the day.


When I stop expecting the universe to send me miracles and understand that existence is the miracle, I am able to accept and respond to situations as they arise.

I’m not perfect, I certainly get scared and it’s hard sometimes to steer to an inner compass but at least now I take full responsibility for the life I am living.

So have I got some spiffy conclusion to wrap things up in a nice pink bow?

Nope! I’m stumped…

But what I can offer up is gratitude, gratitude for this breath, this voice, this heart…

May all beings come to know themselves as the timeless,  changeless in the ever changing vastness

Om Nama Shivaya!

One thought on “What the f…is going on?

  1. At moments like this, I think I would suggest reading the first three tenets of Buddhism. I wouldn’t consider myself really religious but they sound to me like the best advice I’ve ever heard. As a “fixer” you want everything around you to be perfect and in harmony but unfortunately this itself can be the source of your own suffering. Lead others to healing, but don’t attach emotions to the outcome and especially if they don’t take your advice or if they’re not successful.

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