Why I can’t do it like I’m supposed to

I never really thought of myself as a rebel until this week. Yes, I had an older boyfriend as a teenager and yes, I quit a prestigious college to run off with my Australian step cousin and YES, YES, I was into yoga and green smoothies way before anyone else. But a rebel? No way.

Belonging to various female entrepreneurial groups on facebook it’s beginning to hit home. I can’t do it like they do it. I’m just too rebellious.

I know that the best way to stop overwhelm is to batch all my my posts, newsletters and blogs. But what if I work best on the fly. Like when an inspirational blog title hits me in the toilet.

Yep, that just happened….

I get that I’ve got to focus on one thing to get it done…but as soon as I look at my one month calendar my mind goes blank. I mean, I can’t think of one thing to schedule. But give me a whole bunch of post-its and a notepad and a few worksheets? I can’t stop writing stuff down.

This last week I’ve been camping. Not the real thing… I’m hopeless at that. But virtually. At virtual camp we get a bunk bed and camp counsellors, really cool women who love what they do and do it well. Our head camper, Natalie Macneil is as beautiful as she is successful. In fact her success and enthusiasm make you want to hug her. But that’s hard when she’s thousands of miles away.

love heart

One of the first things we did at camp was get to know how we work best. What sorts of things we’re good at and what our challenges are. I think everyone is a little of everything, but in terms of setting a mission for camp, we had to hone in on one thing.

Mine? Content… how to get my but in gear and write, write , write… another aspect of content is really looking at why I do what I do and the results, because results are more important than process.

That’s where the rebel in me kicks in…I’m so spontaneous I never think about process or results… I just do because I do, create because I can.

So what to do? Is it possible that someone like me can dump the tried and proven methods and just put it out there anyway? Why the f…ck not!

So this is it! An unabashed, unscheduled and unthought out blog with no snappy or perfect wrap up and NO sell at the end…..

4 thoughts on “Why I can’t do it like I’m supposed to

  1. I am the same. I massively reject planning and process cos they suffocate me. of course I could learn, but… I also have a pretty good nose for bullshit, and while a lot of these amazing female entrepeneurs are very successful, I can FEEL the formula in their writing style, posts, requests for engagement at the end… “I’d love to know what you think?”, and it mostly turns me off. I feel quite manipulated, cos essentially I am being manipulated. Modern successful biz practice or not, I’d prefer to be broke and real actually. And I reeeeaaaaallly trust that integrity wins in the end. I don’t actually think we need to push so hard. Finish rant. Nice post btw xx

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