C’mon you know you want to…..

I just finished an amazing weekend teaching some dedicated yoga teachers and I’m so fired up for my next event; an early morning week of Yoga, starting next Tuesday, Nov 10 here in Mullumbimby at YogaPad.

I know… I know… there’s a million classes out there and you’d love to join but…that early morning time slot is super daunting.

so let me convince you….

Spring Intensive with Rachel Zinman

Did you know that it’s in the early morning that our cells are primed to absorb more energy. Think of what you could do with MORE energy…

You’d have:

Enthusiasm for your Yoga practice again

More resilience and resistance to stress

A sense of how far you can take your body into a posture

Increased hours in the day to fit in all those little things

and a sense of accomplishment – I got up early every day and I survived!

All it takes is a little jumpstart, just like priming the engine of your car, an early morning yoga practice kicks your engine into gear. Then for the rest of the day you’re on a roll.

This is my last intensive of the year so whether you’re just getting into Yoga or want to get back into a daily practice OR you just want to escape from the crazy lead up to the silly season… this week is guaranteed to reset and rejuvenate your system AND take your yoga practice to a whole new octave

We’ve only got a few spots left  so if your keen head on over to my website for all the details or send me an email  and check out my intro below about what to expect on the course!

One thought on “C’mon you know you want to…..

  1. I really love your blog and assured i will keep returning. I am new to yoga and just started taking my classes here in Melbourne. My interest started growing after i accidentally landed in a fitness related business and now I know i am glued.. Thanks for all the online posts.. cheers, Josh

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