Rachel Zinman Yoga’s top 10 Facebook Pages

Rachel Zinman Yoga

With the onslaught of invites to like pages on Facebook I thought it might be fun to share with you the pages I visit the most for all sorts of tips on yoga and wellbeing. This list includes dear friends who I feel really share the best of themselves and brilliant resources for teaching and nourishing yourself.

Urb@n Vedanta
Do you remember when you loved to push yourself to the edge in your yoga practice? Well this Facebook page takes you to the edge and asks you to dive off. Far from an intellectual exercise Urb@n Vedanta explores the TRUTH of who you are as a human being challenging everyone of your beliefs taking you to the true and real meaning of yoga hidden in the ancient texts. Edgy and provocative its a great place to look at how you approach every aspect of your practice and life.

Bella and Bhakti
I love this page for its colourful pictures, great recipes and inspirational quotes. Kelly Fielding is a  writer, yogi and raw food expert. You will love her whimsical and sweet approach to health and wellbeing.

Love Yoga Anatomy
Created by my friend Stu Girling this page is an awesome resource for interviews and articles on all things to do with the physical components of yoga. safe alignment, adjusting, interviews with senior teachers and so much more

The Holistic Chef Australia
Another great page for Foodies and lovers of good health. Shakti has created a  Super Food Blend. I just love Shaktis’ positive attitude, raw honesty and good vibes which overflows from this page

Sacred Women’s Business
A great page for motivation and inspiration for women. Lisa Fitzpatrick has a way of helping women to see their gifts and talents and shares effective tools for placing themselves in today’s marketplace

Mind Body Green
As far as I’m concerned most articles from these guys rock. Short clear and honest messages from people working on their health and wellbeing. A great resource when you need to go deeper into any subject related to health

Eat Live Life
Another special spot to find out more about Yoga, Heath and Wellbeing. Merwyn Davies adds his personal touch sharing his own experiences with yoga and explores relevant topics for todays modern Yogi

The Global Yogi
Want to travel the world and share Yoga? Looking for a great Teacher’s Training, Retreat, or more info on your passion for Yoga? You’ll love this page.

Inhale life by Romina
Romina is such a lovely teacher and really gives back to the community. She’s spearheaded several projects and somehow manages to teach, parent and update her page with positive messages  each and every day.

Dr. Lauren Tober
Founder of Capturing Gratitude, Lauren is always offering and sharing more ways for us to relax, commune and enjoy the little things in life

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