A Morning Yoga practice

Yesterday one of my students reposted a video from DoYouYoga.com about morning rituals. It depicted a scantily clad yogini littered with tattoos making a simple cup of herbal chai which progressed to a not so simple morning yoga sequence in a dimly lit apartment. The music was engaging and the yogini’s execution flawless. It’s hard not to aspire to that when you start your practice. But I am here to tell you that no matter how beautiful the lens and how dedicated the student the way we look in our everyday practice is far from perfect. … More A Morning Yoga practice

How gratitude has changed my life

In November I participated in an amazing project spearheaded by Lauren Tober called Capturing Gratitude. The assignment was to take a photo each day of something we were grateful for. I’d met Lauren at a Yoga Reach one day marketing intensive. We were paired together to give each other feedback. I was immediately struck by Lauren’s clarity, vision and … More How gratitude has changed my life