Why this course is the only Teacher Training you’ll ever need to do.

Byron Yoga Teacher Training

I am so excited to announce that senior teacher and South African Yogi John Weddepohl will be joining us for the Self Knowledge Component of our Teacher Training course which runs from October 21- November 29, 2013


Check out our new video about John and these wonderful teachings

Our course is one of a kind, offering daily talks in Atma Vidya (Self Knowledge) from the definitive text of Vedanta- Tattva  Bodha- by Adi Shankara. Unlike most trainings which focus on the Sutras this course reveals the secrets of existence and answers the fundamental question ” Who am I?”

We feel that the study of Yoga philosophy should be practical and applicable in every day life, giving students a broad view of themselves in the context of creation and offering mantras and kriyas to support daily discourses. Imagine spending each day exploring what gives your life meaning, how your mind works and understanding once and for all why as a human race we are all on the march for Happiness.

As a teacher you want to have the skills to teach comprehensively and at the same time be  a living example of what you share. Understanding the knowledge of who you are is easy, integrating and assimilating the knowledge takes time, self observation and persistence. The course is designed to support you at each stage and step of understanding.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get to know yoga in a way that goes beyond teachings, concepts, ideas and ideologies and find out why THIS course is the only Teacher Training you’ll ever need to do.

visit www.rachelzinmanyoga.com to find out more about Trainings and Retreats with Rachel and John

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