The Yoga of Writing

Hey there…it’s been a while

So far this year has been big, I moved into a new home, was offered a publishing deal for my book on Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda and officially entered menopause.

Having a place to hang my hat has been monumental. I can’t begin to describe what it feels like to unpack my suitcase for good. I have to pinch myself when I head down to the kitchen to make my breakfast.  Reminding myself, these are our pots, this is our fridge, these are our tea towels.

The book is humming along nicely too. Right now we’re in organization mode and it’s been a huge learning curve. It’s one thing to pour all your passion into writing your magnum opus. It’s another to get it out into the world.

And then there’s the menopause thing. OH, MY GOD!

If anyone had told me what I was actually in for I don’t think I would have signed on.

I remember puberty, that was really emotional. Then came pregnancy, birth and child rearing, even more, emotional and now this indescribable flood of feelings. Did I say, ” Emotional?”

But I exaggerate… it’s really much better than I expected it to be.

Yes, there’s been quite a lot of stripping down to my skivvies due to the unbearable heat that travels to my head in mere seconds. And yes there have been emotional meltdowns. But mostly, becoming an elder has made me realize I enjoy being with myself. My ability to focus has improved immeasurably and I have way more energy than I know what to do with. Go figure.

I think the main thing that has emerged from this very inward phase is my need to write. No matter what’s happening in the world I feel called to describe it in words. It could be the beauty of my surroundings. (yes those are the long blog posts about birds, sunsets and waves of ocean mist) or the comedy of errors that is the U.S presidency, or thoughts about what’s going on in the yoga fraternity.

Writing has become my way of making sense of getting older and a new devotional practice. Rather than spending hours making yantras or chanting mantras. I plant words into the world garden and watch them flower.


Having a ton of energy at my disposal also means I’ve been working tirelessly to get my writing to more mainstream outlets. My first coup being a piece in Elephant Journal on how I approach my life with type 1 diabetes through yoga. Writing for a mainstream online magazine has quite a different flavor to blogging here. With thousands of writers vying for attention and bloggers and editors pitted against each other, it’s hard to stay the course. Luckily my story is unique. There are plenty of people with diabetes who practice yoga. But so far I haven’t heard of a yoga teacher who developed type 1 diabetes as an adult.

So besides working my butt off to get my book out there, the yoga practice continues.

I’ve built up enough strength in my lungs to be able to work with an extended breathing practice while I’ve pulled back on my asana practice to accommodate for the changes my body is experiencing in menopause.

I spend a lot of time stretching into my outer hips and inner thighs, explore standing inversions and balancing postures while keeping up the Ishta Mala practice, which truly is a god-send.

And I’ve been busy making some youtube videos for my Yoga for Diabetes Blog…I’ve posted them below if you’d like to join me in some practices that take less than 15 minutes.

I hope your spring or autumn is a good one…

Rachel ❤

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