3 Secrets to Fire up your Home Practice

3 Secrets to fire up your Yoga practice

Not everyone is as disciplined as they’d like to be.  These days with our hectic pressure both on and offline we need a daily practice more than ever. So what keeps us stepping on the Mat day after day?

Here’s 3 quick tips.

1. Set aside  a specific “ practice time” and practice in a place that promotes peace and wellbeing, like facing a view or in your bedroom.

If you have to get up for work at 6 am you’re always going to feel like there isn’t enough time.  We practice before dinner. It’s so easy to put our food on the stove or in the oven while we do the Ishta Mala sequence

2. Do what you can rather than what you think you should.

If I lessen the pressure of having to do a long practice it’s easier to jump on the Mat. 10 minutes often turns into 20 without trying. And do your practice to the time you have available. If you only have 15 minutes for practice. Shorten the number of breaths per pose, or speed up the standing postures and slow down the seated poses.

3. Think of your Mat time as “ ME time”

What does Me time mean? Time to take a break from all the  actions and responses to your thoughts. You can never be the thoughts. Thoughts come and go in your presence. Practice doesn’t stop the thoughts, it puts your attention on the movement and the breath, naturally drawing your mind away from its preoccupation with thoughts. I look forward to my Mat time each day because it’s like taking a breather…

If you need some motivation for practice I’ve just contributed an energizing sequence to a new online Yoga program called “ Zenward”.  Sign up for a month of daily practice or longer and check out my flow…Here’s a short preview.

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