Keeping it ordinary during the Holidays

Rachel Zinman YogaIt’s that time of year again, everyone’s madly shopping and hopping to the tune of the holidays. Here in Australia despite the blazing sun and soaring temperatures it’s no different. Christmas comes but once a year and everyone’s got an opinion about it.

Our local radio station reminds me, as I meander through the hills after a shopping foray, that the holiday season is not about commercialism, it’s about giving from the heart. And while friends are “elfing” themselves for a good laugh, sharing viral videos about families in Xmas P.J’s, I wonder what a baby really thinks of his parents clowning around in Santa Hats?

I don’t really have a bone to pick with all the hype but I have been floored by how online advertisers and magazines use yoga to try to cash in on the Christmas craze. I mean who cares whether I have the latest yogi toe mat or lulu lemon see-through pants? One blog goes so far as to suggest I do a Christmas sequence with names like prancer and snow globe. Not even the most advanced practitioner in their right mind could do these postures and come out alive.

Rachel Zinman Yoga

I’m sorry to be sarcastic at Christmas time- especially when we are meant to be focussing on gratitude, reflecting on the year that was, setting intentions for the New Year and making our vegan, gluten free turkey stuffing. But C’mon its ridiculous out there.

When I speak to other friends who have been doing yoga for a long time they share that the Yoga ” out there”  has nothing to do with Yoga. Since when did Yogi’s practice in crowds? In fact the real Yoga is not readily available and a true teacher doesn’t need to advertise. Googling for authentic yoga just doesn’t work, although nowadays everyone thinks you can.

So whats the solution?

Rachel Zinman Yoga

For me, the past year has been about keeping it ordinary. Eating well, doing a daily practice, being with family whenever and wherever possible. Watching a sunset, a sunrise and just simply being. I feel grateful to have the capacity to appreciate and enjoy life and I feel lucky to be able to have the time to give to others just for the sheer joy of it.

I have no desire to sell yoga. Yoga isn’t for sale- just like creation isn’t for sale. When we celebrate the birth of a child we marvel at the perfection of creation. At birth everything is given. A baby has no sense of imperfection. It’s only through conditioning that imperfection appears to exist.

It’s times like these, when we are told that something is missing and that there is something that can fill the gap that living an ordinary life is so potent.

So today like every day- I’ll take a moment to smell a flower, smile at a friend and appreciate the little things..

Happy Holidays to everyone and may it be the best year yet.

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