The Perfect Healing Soup for the Change of Seasons

rachelzinmanyogaHere in Germany I am experiencing the fluctuations of Spring not quite becoming Summer. The change of seasons is the time that Vata Dosha is most predominant. We often feel scattered, stressed and don’t sleep or digest well.  That’s why this weeks guest blog by Lauren Rose Burke is perfect. I hope you enjoy her  healing soup recipe. 

Now that winter is well on the way, there is nothing better for dinner than a bowl of healing, hot soup. Soup, when done right, can be a nourishing, hydrating, slimming evening meal. The trick is avoid the cream-based, fatty, sugar drenched soups topped with unnecessary and not very nutritious toppings (sour cream and croutons, I am looking at you). My favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is make a big pot of vegetable soup! That way I know that no matter how busy I am during the week, I have a healthy meal ready to be heated up at a moments notice.

healing vegetables

In trying to heal the body from a range of issues, a vegetable soup, slow cooked with organic ALKALINE vegetables is an easy to digest and nourishing meal that will heal you from the inside out. I use all (except the mushroom which I add for their meaty texture and depth of flavour) green vegetables, which is a great way to alkalize your body and feed your cells.

Ingredients (ALL CERTIFIED ORGANIC, essential for healing!):

1 litre of organic vegetable stock (I by the Pacific Brand organic reduced sodium vegetable stock, because I think that these days there are so many great ready to buy organic brands, however if these are unavailable, you can easily make your own)

1 leek

1 head of broccoli

1 zucchini

1 cup of mushrooms (great meaty texture, feel free to add some dried mushies too for extra flavour!)

1 cup of peas

1 cup of snow peas

2 cloves garlic

½ bunch celery

1 bunch spinach (greens of choice)

1 handful of parsley

1 cup Brussels sprouts

2 tsp turmeric (GROUNDING AND HEALING!)

1 tbsp coconut oil

Heat up the coconut oil in a BIG pot over medium heat. Add leek and garlic and cook until fragrant. Add vegetables and sauté until soft. Add vegetable stock and reduce to a low flame. Cover with lid and allow it to slowly cook over 1½ hour period. Stir through turmeric and parsley, ladle into bowls (or Tupperware containers).

Vata dosha balancing soupI keep one bowlful out and the others in individual portions and pop them in the freezer, to preserve their freshness. I then take one out every day to thaw in the fridge, heat it up with some fresh spinach at dinner time and have it with some sliced avocado, a sprinkle of chili (yummy and a great metabolic booster too!) and some extra chopped parsley.

Feel free to add any of the following to your soup to suit your dietary requirements:

–  Quinoa/barley/brown or wild rice (always soak first)

–  Lentils/chickpeas/beans (always soak first)

– Miso paste (for added flavour and benefits) and chunks of tofu/tempeh

Healing, alkalizing “fast” food!

Lauren Rose BurkeBIO: Lauren Rose Burke is a yogini and passionate health-foodie. She believes that beauty begins from within, and dedicates her life to the pursuit of optimum health and vitality – inside and out! She loves to come up with new and exciting recipes with her favourite super foods! She also loves practicing yoga and taking long walks outside, reading up on the latest health and beauty news and testing the latest crazes in health and wellbeing!

Connect with Lauren via: Blog Twitter @LaurenRoseBurkeTumblr Instagram @LaurenRoseBurke Facebook

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