Am I a Yoga Teacher?

Namaste! It’s so wonderful to share Yoga and to be able to inspire others to teach and share too. Thats why over the next few months i’ll be featuring Yoga teachers who have inspired me! Our first featured writer is Romina Di Federico. Romina is a Yoga and meditation teacher who lives and works in Sydney. Romina is a wise soul, a dedicated mother and a real go getter- I hope you like this piece as much as I do!


Image 2When my daughter Tara was born I remember looking at her birth certificate reading ‘Mothers occupation – Yoga Teacher’, I thought gee, when would I get a REAL job? And what will Tara think of me when she grows up? The thing is I had a real job.  Not only a real job I had all the ‘right’ titles, status & tickets to the best sporting events!  I had friends because they wanted to know me for what I represented & what I could offer them?  When I left the real job to pursue my studies in Yoga it took months, even years to come to terms with who I was? & What I represent?  I recall the 1st phone call I made after leaving my corporate job, ‘Hi this is Romina from….uh oh I am just me Romina…’ Wasn’t that a light bulb moment! Next year it will  be my tenth year of studying & sharing my yoga practice, yet I am still not comfortable being called a ‘Yoga teacher’.


Image 3

teacher is a person who provides education for students. The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing.  Teachers, like other professionals, may have to continue their education after they qualify, a process sometimes called ‘continuing professional development’.  This is all common practice in a school forum but when it comes to Yoga & Meditation how does one teach a practice that is different for each individual?  How does one inspire a way of life within changing elements? In Yoga there are fundamental principles in anatomy & physiology, which remain absolute, but the overall encompassing practice of Yoga & its philosophy differs for each practitioner & school.  Some methods of teaching are very strict & linear others are more open & experimental. However the method it is almost irrelevant, the one constant is to lead by example, like any good role model. Something I feel more comfortable with is the title ‘role model’.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t get on the mat every day, it doesn’t matter if you sometimes don’t know the answers, it’s ok if some days you are not feeling so ‘yogic’ what matters is your honesty, your commitment & your constant awareness of Self.

I remember when I first met Rachel not only did I have an amazing energetic experience in her class but I could see she was the real deal, a true role model.  She was open, transparent, committed & honest.  And still is.  This for me encompasses the attributes for any ‘teacher’ albeit life long student in my eyes.  And perhaps my journey is to be completely comfortable with simply that, being a ‘teacher’.  Although I know for this role to be achieved I need to be an ongoing student.

Byron Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta SystemRomina is an internationally accredited Yoga & Meditation teacher based in Sydney.  Graduating in 2004 with a Cert.IV from Yoga Arts, Byron Bay Romina was then awarded a scholarship to study the Integrated System of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda (ISHTA) Yoga with founder Alan Finger in New York. Subsequent to graduating Romina has taught throughout Sydney, Brisbane & India.  Romina’s classes are creative expressions of breath and movement. She’ll encourage you to move intuitively, help you channel your energy positively and inspire you to live with absolute authenticity and grace.




Would you like to qualify as an expert yoga teacher in an intimate personalized teacher training with authentic teachings in the depth of the yoga tradition giving you the highest possible qualification? Go beyond asana to the heart of the ancient yoga tradition. Not available in any other teacher training.

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