Byron Yoga Teacher Training in the Ishta System
October  15-November 30, 2012

Being a Yoga teacher is much more than an Occupation- It’s a way of life.

Byron Yoga Teacher Training, Rachel Zinman Yoga

Are you looking for a comprehensive program which includes inspiration to take your Yoga off the Mat and into the world? An intensive program that gives you both a YA 200 hr qualification and in depth 300 hr subjects? Authentic teachings from a tradition and lineage? A deeper understanding of yourself and the true meaning of Yoga through the study of philosophy? A program which trains teachers to be confident, well prepared and grounded in a supportive and growing Yoga community? Personalised attention and support in building your teaching skills from one of Byron Bay’s most experienced Yogi’s and Teacher Trainers?

Then why not check out the Teacher Training with a difference!

Rachel Zinman Yoga’s trainings bring together the ISHTA teachings, which include lectures on Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, Anatomy, How to teach Asana, Pranayama and Meditation with a deeper understanding of Bhakti Yoga (my practice for the last 5 years) Vedanta ( self knowledge) and how to have a consistent and deepening personal practice.
As a teacher you can only teach what you know and the ultimate knowledge is knowing your SELF!  That’s where Vedanta comes in. Vedanta comes from ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge and ‘anta’, which means final resolution. When these two words are joined together you have the final resolution of that knowledge,” the truth that finally rests and resolves in you as yourself.”

Byron Yoga Teacher Training, Rachel Zinman YogaMy goal in the October/ November 2012 Byron Yoga training is to inspire in participants the understanding and experience that teaching is much more then just a new vocation. Teaching Yoga  is a practice in itself. It’s also pure devotion and an offering of yourself. when you  teach- your students will be your  teachers. What ever you give to them you give to yourself.

To enable this, the training will bring together a wonderful team of local and internationally known teachers specializing in Ayurveda, Anatomy and Vedanta ( Self Knowledge) and  to support me in teaching the posture labs as well as some of the morning classes I will be assisted by a core team of Australian Ishta System teachers .

Before I teach I always bow my head and take a few moments to feel grateful and offer up my practice to the whole of which I am an inseparable part.  Often there are tears in my eyes and a sense of mystery. There is nothing more powerful for me then that…offering everything of myself.

email me at rachel@rachelzinmanyoga.com or visit my TT page on my website for more info


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