Experiencing as an Art

Hello from Hamburg! Life on the road is never dull and it’s been quite a ride the last week with stops at the Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival in Lindau and Vishu’s Vibes in Dusseldorf. My feet have treaded the cobble stone streets of both cities and I have sampled an ample amount of Caprese salads. The theme for this last few weeks has been exploring the experience of seeing, tasting, touching, hearing and smelling. What do I mean by that? Well…. we all take our senses for granted. I mean how often do you remember your tongue when you taste something? One morning at Breakfast John suggested I actually experience my tongue tasting and what followed was a full tongue workout as I pushed and shoved every bit of my smoothie around my teeth,  pushed it from side to side and then arched it back and forwards before swallowing. Who knew my tongue did yoga too?  What’s so beautiful is that wherever we put our awareness awareness goes. This is so clear in  Asana practice. Put your awareness on your breath, you realize you are breathing, put your awareness in your feet, you experience your feet but what happens when you rest your awareness in awareness itself? Try it and see…

Besides taking time to play with experiencing a myriad of things I have been busy putting together more events for Rachel Zinman Yoga. The India Retreat in Goa is now fully booked so if you would like to immerse yourself in the tradition and practice of Yoga, be reminded of the timeless beauty that is your SELF and reflect and practice in an environment which is designed for you to take time out and nurture yourself.  Join  John and I  in Bali March 27-31, 2013 in a post Bali Spirit Festival  Retreat. Our daily classes will include creative vinyasa yoga, pranayama, mantra, mudra, yantra, lectures on Gyan Yoga ( self knowledge) and Ayurveda plus you will learn the Ishta Mala  sequence which you can use in your daily life. There will be free time each day to explore nearby Ubud, have healing body treatments and enjoy healthy cuisine in wonderful local restaurants. Visit my retreat page for more info.

Finally if you are going to be in and around Zurich in the last week of June  John Weddepohl and I will be offering a series of masterclasses, workshops and Kirtans at Athayoga and Planet Yoga in Zurich, River Yoga in Thun and Origin 8 in Bern.

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