Writing on the Road….

I am  nearly finishing up my 2nd month in Europe and it’s truly been such a rewarding and inspiring time. I am so touched by the teachers and students I am meeting and how everyone is so sincere about Yoga. There is nothing more beautiful than being reminded through our practice that we are the Yoga itself. Besides dragging my bags and guitar on and off trains, people watching, sightseeing, sleeping in cosy apartments and checking out a diversity of health food stores for my daily supplies I have been writing. Starting with an article on  “My journey through yantras” which was published for the website Genie in a Body, continuing with my own newsletter on Rachel Zinman Yoga’s upcoming events and finishing with a piece for The Global Yogi website on ” Discovering more about the Dieties in Yoga

I have been writing since I was a kid. My first serious book was about Casey, a rockstar chick who traveled the world on an airplane with her air guitar. In my  twenties I was a serious angst filled poet and in my 30’s I started a book on yoga until my idea appeared on a bookshelf in a bookstore. And then at 41 there was the 400 + page autobiography that I spent 3 years writing while my marriage was in dire straights. I remember my chiropractor telling me that one of the steps in the 12 step program was to write your life story, he explained that it was an exercise to review your life, gain whatever wisdom you could and give you a serious kick up the but to never do THOSE things again. It’s actually felt quite good to shelve the book.

Like Yoga writing is therapeutic, freeing and eye opening and with all the books and blogs newsletters and magazines available at our fingertips its exciting to see the diversity of people’s thought’s and ideas. But if you ask me I’d rather write than read, rather sing then listen and dance than talk. And above all else I am reminded through my daily practice that its not about what you write, it’s about WHO is writing.  Know that and your own life story becomes the most awesome adventure.

So besides writing in between my weekend workshops I have been continuing to enjoy a daily practice taught to me by South African Yoga teacher John Weddepohl. He calls it “Ishta Mala” and it’s a very simple sequence with profound results. The beauty of this practice is that it’s adjustable to my needs and can be done in less than 15 minutes or stretched out to 1.5 hrs. I started the practice in March 2011 and like everything I start I had that initial “well what’s the big deal ” attitude. But John assured me that this practice was simple enough to change my life. “We are so busy complicating yoga with elaborate postures that we forget what the body needs. A simple practice for daily life.” By November I was starting to feel the benefits of the practice, which emphasizes forward bends, and finishes with a nourishing Yoga Nidra. I am hopelessly addicted now and jump eagerly on my mat every morning because I can feel the results, my blood sugar  levels are more stable, I am less tired and the most grounded I have ever been. Check out this sneak peak of the sequence and do let me know if you’d like  to know more about it. John will be teaching the sequence here in Liechtenstein June 22-24 and we will be teaching workshops together in Geneva and Bern before heading back to Australia in July.

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