Applications are now open for 2012 Byron Bay Yoga Teacher Trainings in The Ishta System 2012年イシュタシステムヨガティーチャートレーニング in バイロンベイ申込受付開始

I am very excited to announce that  I will be settling down in Australia  for the second half of 2012 to offer 2 Teacher Training programs in Byron Bay, NSW between August and November.


The first program August 11 to September 14, 2012 will be for Japanese students wanting to learn how to teach in the ISHTA style. The Japanese training caters to students  living in Japan and Australia who want high quality training with experienced teachers and translators. All of our translators have been through the ISHTA System Teacher Trainings and are teachers in their own right. The Japanese training has a strong community feel with ties back to Japan so that when students finish the TT they know there are teachers back home to support them as friends on the same journey.

そ のうちの一つ目が8月11日から9月14日に日本人向けに開催される、イシュタスタイルの教授法を学びたい方へのコースです。この日本人向けトレーニング では、日本とオーストラリアに住む生徒さんを対象に、経験のあるヨガティーチャーやヨガ通訳とともにハイクオリティーなコースを求める方のために行われま す。このトレーニングに関わっている通訳はみなイシュタシステムティーチャートレーニングの経験者で、それぞれにヨガティーチャーとしても活躍していま す。私たちのトレーニングにはコミュニティーのような強いつながりがあるため、コースを終了し日本に帰国してからでも同じ経験をしてきた卒業生がヨガ ティーチャーとしてあなたをサポートしてくれることでしょう。

I also make sure to offer retreats and workshops in India and Bali with Japanese translation for students wanting to participate in more advanced training as well as making regular visits to Japan to keep new teachers inspired and growing in their knowledge and experience of Yoga. With all the events that have occurred over this last year in Japan I feel very grateful to be able to share Yoga with the Japanese.

ま た、さらに上級のトレーニングを目指す方のためにインドやバリにてリトリートとワークショップを開催したり、定期的に日本を訪れて新しいヨガティーチャー たちに知識を与え、さらなるヨガの経験を与えることによってインスパイアし、その成長を助けることができたらと思っています。特に今年はじめに日本で起 こった出来事を通して、私はこうして日本にいるみなさんとヨガを共有することができてとても嬉しく感じます。

As always the Japanese TT’s morning classes are open to the community. Its wonderful to have a mix of English speakers and Japanese in the room all learning from each other and it also enables locals to spend a month deepening their asana, pranayama and meditation practice.For more info on Retreats and Trainings for Japanese speaking yogis visit

さ らに、例年通りこの日本人向けトレーニングの早朝クラスは一般にも開放されています。イングリッシュスピーカーの方と日本人のみなさんが混ざり合い、ひと つのお部屋で学ぶことはとても素晴らしいことですし、ローカルの方は一ヶ月間のアサナやプラナヤマ、瞑想の深いプラクティスを行うことができるでしょう。

Spring Teacher Training in Byron Bay

The second program October 15- November 30, 2012 will bring together the beauty of the ISHTA teachings including lectures on Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda, Anatomy, How to teach Asana, Pranayama and Meditation with a deeper understanding of Bhakti Yoga ( my practice for the last 5 years) Vedanta ( self knowledge) and how to have a consistent and deepening personal practice.

For the last year I have been traveling and it has been imperative for me to have a daily practice. When I practice as a teacher I not only have a resource for my teaching but I am also able to manage the energy in my body. There is nothing more important then feeling balanced and connected when teaching.

As a teacher you can only teach what you know and the ultimate knowledge is knowing your SELF!  That’s where Vedanta comes in. Vedanta comes from ‘Veda’ meaning knowledge and ‘anta’, which means final resolution. When these two words are joined together you have the final resolution of that knowledge,” the truth that finally rests and resolves in you as yourself.”

My goal in the October/ November 2012 Byron Bay Yoga training is to inspire in participants the understanding and experience that teaching is much more then just a new vocation. Teaching Yoga  is a practice in itself. It’s also pure devotion and an offering of yourself. when you  teach- your students will be your  teachers. What ever you give to them you give to yourself…

To enable this, the training will  bring together a wonderful team of local and internationally known teachers specializing in Ayurveda, Anatomy and Vedanta ( Self Knowledge) and  to support me in teaching the posture labs as well as some of the morning classes I will be assisted by a core team of Australian Ishta System teachers .

Before I teach I always bow my head and take a few moments to feel grateful and offer up my practice to the whole of which I am an inseparable part.  Often there are tears in my eyes and a sense of mystery. There is nothing more powerful for me then that…offering everything of myself.

email me at or visit my TT page on my website for more info

2 thoughts on “Applications are now open for 2012 Byron Bay Yoga Teacher Trainings in The Ishta System 2012年イシュタシステムヨガティーチャートレーニング in バイロンベイ申込受付開始

  1. Hi Rachel, I have been waiting three years to do your training, so will be if you allow and accept be there on October 15th is it to do the training with you,,,, Will fill in the necessary forms Karen can speak about my level and my dedication to my yogic path, I feel inspired and truly grateful to be offered this time later in the year to do the training around my busy schedule of teaching young children. Much love Deb

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