Places still available for my India Yoga Retreat in Goa Feb 16-23, 2012

Happy Holidays from Goa. I have been in India since late November and am absolutely loving the color and holiday vibe here. In Goa all the houses are decked out in kitch style and as usual there is a surprise around ever corner. The other day I suggested to a friend we go for a sunset beach walk on Anjuna beach and right towards the end of our walk we discovered a  beach restaurant and hotel called Tantra. It was tastefully decorated with deities and Buddhas and hosted a terrific performance of Rajastani song and dance.  What a delightful way to end the day!


Before coming to Goa I was in Thiruvanamalai, the home of Arunachala, Shiva’s abode in the south. There I attended a retreat on Vedanta.   I was lucky to be there for Deepam, a ten day festival  which peaks with a walk around the mountain and the lighting of a huge ghee lamp at its mount. 1.8 million people circled the mountain just before the full moon eclipse and it was the most incredible thing to witness people worshiping a mountain en mass like that. A friend and I joined the crowd at one point chanting Om Nama Shivaya at the top of our lungs.  Its very hard for me to sum up my experience of taking time for myself to study such in depth and traditional teachings, but I would have to say out of every experience I have ever had this was the BEST.


After this beautiful retreat I am very excited to share what I have been learning with others and wanted to let everyone know there are still  some places left for the Ayurveda Yoga  Retreat in Goa at the beautiful Satsanga Retreat Centre from February 16-23rd. 2012. If you contact me in the next few days I am happy to offer you our Early bird price. Please click here if you are interested.
The days will be filled with Asanas, pranayamas, mantras, mudras and yantras to balance your individual constitution and Informative talks on Ayurveda. I will also be joined by South African Yogi and friend John Weddepohl who has a wealth of experience in Hatha Yoga practices and Vedanta. One of the most beautiful ways to stay balanced is to know yourself and John has an engaging and fun approach to the tradition and the teachings. To find out more about John  check out this interview and his FB pages Urb@n Vedanta and Urb@n Yogi. The retreat centre has a wonderful Ayurvedic  chef and massage treatments are available as well as an optional consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor during your stay. Don’t hesitate to write me with any questions.

I really wish everyone out there the most  beautiful Holiday Season and hope to meet you somewhere sometime very soon!


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