Yoga in the BIG apple…

Well after 7 years here I am back in NYC and its like I never left. My shoes hit the pavement before I did and the streets seem to know me better then I know myself. Without skipping a beat I went to see my teacher Alan Finger. As always he greeted me with a huge hug and a few jokes, testing me out to see if my sense of humor had changed but alas I took him way too seriously, which only made him tease me more. Being with Al is like falling into a down cushion, every word on and off the mat is laced with love and compassion. I couldn’t be more grateful to have been taught and inspired by this Yogi bear as he calls himself.

When I lived in NYC I spent so much time teaching and running around the city I never actually got to be a tourist. So its been great to check out the city in a different way,  enjoying  the market at Union Square and a new walkway called the Highline an old railway line converted into a park, which sits high above the streets close to the  Hudson river. I’ve visited  the Guggenheim, walked through Central Park and have had the luxury to attend a daily class ( sometimes 2) at Alan’s new Ishta Yoga studio.

There are lots of new faces and dear friends and Alan’s teachings continue to inspire. His theme for the week has been chakras and the importance of balancing the joints in the body as each joint relates to a minor chakra…when the whole body is in balance then you can feel yourself as you truly are…beautiful and free!

I will be presenting a workshop on  “The Way of Gayatri” this coming Friday the 12th of August from 1.45-4.45 pm and a Kirtan that same night 7-8.30 pm and we will be creating a  beautiful flower yantra on Saturday the 13th of August from 1:00-4:00 pm. Each class includes Ishta style asana, a short talk on the meaning of the Gayatri mantra, plus a mantra and mudra practice. There are still plenty of spaces available so if you live in NYC do come on down and tell your friends…

love and flowers…Rach x

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