The Way of Gayatri and KIRTAN with Rachel and Friends in Europe

Join me for workshops in Europe exploring the Gayatri mantra and its deeper meaning in Lindau, Germany May 25-26, Graz Austria June 25 and Geneva, Swizerland July 1-3. The Gayatri mantra has been chanted for thousands of years to honor the divine light of the sun as it glows within us and is said to have both transformative and healing powers. Referred to as “the Mother of the Vedas” by the yogic sages,the practice of Gayatri is said to develop wisdom, cultivate inner strength and promote peace and well-being.  In Tantra, a full Gayatri practice includes Mantra-in both long and short forms, Mudra-hand gestures, which balance and bring energy to the body and Yantra- geometrical patterns, which calm the mind. In this workshop I’ll share my personal understanding and experience of the Gayatri practice in a fun, physical, informative and creative format. come create a beautiful yantra, chant this sacred mantra and immerse yourself in the power and practice of mudra.

Kirtan evenings with Rachel Zinman and friends
in Zurich, Munich, Lindau and Geneva

Join me for an evening of Devotional Chanting in Zurich, May 14 and Munich, May 21 at Air Yoga. In Lindau, May 26 and in Geneva, July 2. Kirtan-call and response chanting and Bhajan-singing in unison are two of the main ways in Bhakti yoga to express devotion and love. Repeating the names of deities like Ram or Shiva serves as a reminder that the lover and the beloved are one. For me, mantras and a devotional practice means surrendering and accepting everything as it is and singing in community supports everyone to feel uplifted and connected to their own beauty and strength. I have produced three CD’s as part of my band The Subway Bhaktis. You can listen to samples at To find out more about me and my Bhakti yoga practice visit

Check out the Brahmani Yoga Bhajan Band singing OM Nama Shivaya!

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